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When we Suffer is not time to give up but to look up-Philippians Chapter 2:By Rev.Elly Ochieng-Citam

The book of Philippians is classified as fourth of Paul’s Prison Letters written around a.d 61 during Paul’s first imprisonment in Rome.

#Didyouknow: Even though Paul was writing from Prison, the word joy or rejoice occurs 16 times in the letter of Philippians. #Nowyouknow.

As St.Paul is writing letters to the Philippians he is encouraging them to put into consideration quite several things among them;

a) To be like Minded-Paul encourages the Philippians to root for one course by strengthening, consoling and encouraging one another.

Vs 2: Fill up and complete my joy by living in harmony and being of the same mind and one in purpose.

b)To pull together in One direction-This is the time to pull up together as friends and family as St. Paul encouraged Phillipians in his letter to them,

c)Do not think out of selfish ambitions-In humility we are reminded to consider others better than ourselves.

"Each of you should not look to your interests but also the interests of others. We should think about our friends, neighbors, and others.

d)Paul is also encouraging Philippians to have the same altitude as of that of Christ Jesus Christ had an extra-ordinary attitude of compassion that reflected;

Ø Sacrifice-Christ shows this based on how he left his heavenly glory above.

Ø Servanthood- Jesus says for you to be greatest then you must be a servant. We need to drop the sense of entitlement and have servant hearts.

Ø Suffering-Jesus went through excruciating experience down via Dolorosa-on his way to the cross. He suffered so much for you and I.We are encouraged to follow the suite as believers.

In sum, Rev. Elly reminds us when we suffer is not time to give up but to look up. Let us suffer for the interest of Christ Jesus.

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