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What you should expect in the KCSE 2022 Results set to be released soon.

The KCSE results of 2022 will be unique in numerous measures just like any other results since they are a tail-end of a process that has run for four years. With over 650,000 candidates, KCSE 2022 exam was done at a transitional edge in both educational and political life of our country. The stakeholders beefed up previous measures to curb any exam malpractice just as the perpetrators invent other ways of breaching the security measures put in place right from the storage to the classrooms where candidates sat for this exam up to the marking centres. The confidence level among Kenyans on the integrity of this exam has been on a balance right from the time it was done to the marking stages.

The anxiety is brought about by conflicts among stakeholder as seen in the case marking teams like teachers marking CRE paper 1 at St. Francis Mangu Girls expressed displeasure with how they are managed and paid, will this affect the nature of the results in the long run? This and many other questions will be answered by CS Ezekiel Machongu when releasing the results.

Parents, teachers and students will receive these results under mixed expressions. Those who would have performed well will be celebrated as they engage KUCCPS on course selections and admissions, while those who will be on the other side of the coin will blame the short time of exam preparation with similar workload, the disruptions of the exam educational calendar by external; factors like Covid-19 and the general election of August 2022. These factors have since been looked into lightly yet they will undermine the potential of many candidates to give their best. Even though competitiveness in this exams was addressed during the tenure of CS Matiang’i, there is a sense in which competition is built as a natural human instinct in matters of this calibre in our country.

All interested parties should commit to come into terms with the outcomes of the results. Exhibiting rigidity in the courses chosen, professions and universities curtails the potential of these candidates to give their best in the fields they find themselves in. life and career couches should be consulted to assist in decision making so that intrinsic motivation is enhanced to make these learners strive to contribute to the general wellbeing of the society. The attitude towards results registered gives them meaning and substance beyond imagination.

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