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Walking Work of Art. What Can You Learn from Ronaldo in His Immaculate Maturity?

Dear football fans, I just want to tell y'all something about my G.O.A.T...Real football fans should keep sentiment aside and read this Essay with open hearts...I know we can't totally keep football out of it but I want to relate this post to Life...

A Wiseman said, "People who always stood for others are always alone when it's the face their own trials".....I would love to write my own view with my little knowledge.

U might not like Him(Ronaldo) but let's relate it to what happens to us too in life...

1. When Benzema was not in his best form and was bullied by the Madrid fans, I remember it was Ronaldo that told them to stop and put himself on the line just to support his Teammate...

2. When Portugal defeated Croatia in the Euro tournament and Modric was Crying, Ronaldo left his teammates while celebrating and went to calm Modric....and when they asked CR7 why he didn't celebrate with his teammates, he said " why would I celebrate when my brother (Modric) is sad?"

3. When Messi lost 3 consecutive Finals and was bullied by his People and which resort him to depression, and he hung his boot at the National level, Ronaldo sent a message to him telling him to come back that his nation and football needs him.

4. When Ronaldo got the Chance to Play for City, and United fans were picking offense, and SAF stepped in too, he had to choose Loyalty over his own Joy.

5. When a Japanese boy tried to speak Portuguese and he wasn't eloquent, everybody finds it funny except Ronaldo and he said he didn't understand why they laugh and said at least the boy tried.

These are some of the great things Ronaldo did. He stood for others when Best... but fast forward to recent years...

He lost his child

He lost his form

He lost his place in The Starting 11

He got disrespected by the Fans

He got disrespected by the Coaches

He got disrespected by his teammates.

He was in depression.

His ex-teammates bullied him

Everyone was saying bad ABOUT him...e.t c

When Ronaldo was in this trauma...only a few friends support him, and when he needed Love most, his people desert him, they make everyone believe he was the problem 😭💔 when all he needed was love and not chastity at that moment...

The place he calls his home (Man United) chase him away as nothing...his home (Portugal) didn't show him love either...Only his Real home, Real Madrid shows support for him.

Benzema didn't say anything

Modric didn't say anything

Messi didn't say anything

And others....not long

Benzema won the Balon for

Messi won the World Cup...

And all that the world cares for is that Ronaldo didn't congratulate them 🤦🏼‍♂️ so hypocritic

And his only Crîme is that HE'S ADDICTED TO SUCCESS.

We all make mistakes in life and if the mistake he made is what attracts all this hatred to him, think about yourself too, if u were in his shoes....will u be able to survive all the Criticism from Friends and Rivals...Well, that's the way the World is, they treat u like King when they're still benefiting from u, and once they see you're no longer of use to them, they dump u like trash.

So dear Keypad warriors, I just pray u don't find yourself in his situation because not everyone can survive that state of trauma...

Dear Cristiano Dos Santos Aveiro RONALDO, I know you're a strong Man and a Man of strong willpower...I hope u find joy in Al Nassr and you will rise back to your best self as you always do.

Thanks for all the Memories, you'll forever be in my heart.

Goat 🐐 level 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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