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Viral Heartbreaking Letter To Raila Melts The Hearts Of Kenyans

Mixed reactions have been witnessed across the country, after the announcement of the winner of the Kenya General elections. One Odhiambo Kaumah, a former teacher at Lwak Girls’ high School, and a literature enthusiast, is a disturbed and deeply hurt human, if his open “letter” to presidential aspirant Raila Amollo Odinga is anything to go by.

"He is coming back to us after many years away. We released him to you, young, vibrant and eloquent. But you've brought him back, an Old Man from Bondo, a "mganga with a heavy tongue, defeated with eyes eternally dripping tears, and empty-handed!” laments Odhiambo.

“We gave him out as the best we could find around here, one who had we known, we'd have kept around here to look after our affairs.

He was a good son, that Amollo you people mocked, was a good son!

But see who you have brought us back!” Kaumah says on his “letter” posted on his facebook wall.

Raila Odinga has contested for top the most leadership position in the land five times unsuccessfully. His recent loss to Dr. William Ruto, has been described by many, as a hint to his retirement from active politics, owing to his old age. Raila’s hopes however, lie on the decision that the Supreme Court would make if they file a petition challenging the just concluded elections.

“The lion who never ruled because of many hyenas in the kingdom. Well, he is ours and we'll build him a house by the shore!” He concludes.

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