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What Happened??.

He graced our screens with his poetic narration, a proud linguistic who had mastered the art of the Swahili language. Lolani Kalu was a household name in the Kenyan media industry having worked for years as a journalist at Nation Media Group. His efficiency in the Swahili language saw him entertain viewers through a programme dubbed as Malimwengu. However, his tenure at NTV ended when he was sacked in 2018 during a mass lay off at the company. The whereabouts of Lolani Kalu was thereafter not known, as he disappeared into thin air just moments after exiting the Media industry. Recently, businessman Ahmed Mohammed (ASMALI) asked about the whereabouts of the veteran journalist as his memories crossed his mind. After his questions, a Chief Inspector of Kaloleni Station went ahead to trace Lolani. On finding him, Asmali revealed that Lolani was in anguish, going through a hard time. Without disclosing more on what was bothering him, the businessman said that Lolani has sought the help of Kenyans to salvage him from his situation.

His phone number was shared, prompting Kenyans to show their support to the man who graced their screens.

“A few days ago I asked about the whereabouts of journalist Lolani Kalu. Today Chief Inspector Siyat of Kaloleni Station has found him. I have spoken to Lolani. He is going through hard times & seeking for your help. His number is 0720554930. Kindly send him what you can. Thanks” Wrote Businessman Asmali.

“The photo above is me with Lolani Kalu in Kaloleni. After he was retrenched by NTV he came back home looking after his old sick mum age 80yrs. He is going 2rue hard times and he needs our support as keys.stand up for Lolani to preserve our heritage. He is talented.” Said the Kaloleni Chief Inspector.

Recently, Lolani composed a poem on the Coronavirus Pandemic as its effects raged the country.

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