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Twa's a kiss of goodbye!

I had a dream, a dream about my love,

A dream of you holding my hand,

Your teeth tugged gently at my ear,

I cupped your face with my hands,

I was nibbling on your lips,

The forever love we built,

The dazzling stars gave so much heat,

You were buried in my mind.

I had a dream, a dream about us,

A dream of what we shared,

A dream of how you cared,

All I could see was you,

I could not explain the excitement in me,

You stood here, right next to me,

A dream I didn't wanna wake up from.

I saw it coming, yes! I hold you in my heart,

In my fantasy, you let my body ache for you,

Your touch seared me, burning away any trace of cold

You covered me with your strong built body, how you woke up besides me,

How you held me so tightly, our breath frosting the winter night,

Sit beside me my love, wanna see your precious eyes that glows brightly,

Let me feel your skin, it's what am yawning for,

Do you feel the spark that flows within us?

My throat is tightened, eager for your lips,

The burning heat pulses through me, eager for your touch,

Do you remember? How your hands moved down my back, caressing and drawing me nearer?

How you cradled me gently? Wanting the intimacy on the big bed I owned?

A disturbing hint of longing and loneliness threads through my insides

By Sonia

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