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Three authors in one room.Prof.Ngugi Wathiong'o shares a light moment with his kids.

In a post made by Prof.Mukoma Ngugi, the son of Prof.Ngugi Wathiogo, the writer's family seem excited after receiving a bunch of copies from their dad for their signature.

"Baba, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o bought a bunch of copies of Unbury our Dead with Song and my sister’s Wanjiku Wa Ngugi's Seasons of the Hippoland for us to sign so he could gift them to his California neighbors and friends. An excellent ending to an otherwise tumultuous but good writing year! Happy Holidays!" Mukoma wrote.

Prof.Ngugi Wathion'go is currently the East Africa Leading novelist who has made a name in the global space but beyond that, he has produced a breed of writers that will certainly represent his great name with pride to future generations.

We are certainly lucky to live in the times of our literature Guru-Prof.Ngugi.

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