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The Shoes You Wear Reflect Your Personality!

Shoes are symbolic in our lives, representing a significant meaning of the paths, hardships, and dreams we take on through life. Shoes are the physical and symbolic embodiment of the past, present, and future paths we walk.

According to extensive research on personality traits, shoes play a significant role in reflecting ones personality or even day to day moods.

High heels

People who love wearing high-heels, are seen often to take control of the situation. They also tend to make rational decisions. High heels are associated with confidence and tell others you are in charge. High-heels-obsessed persons also love being center stage and attracting attention.

Flashy shoes

Wearing flashy shoes tells people you are extroverted. You like to be odd, different and to shock people around you. You like to show your sense of style without fear, so people associate you with brevity.

Designer shoes Designer shoes are a status symbol. They don’t just show how the money you have but also how much you’re into fashion. You have your own style and you are comfortable being in your own skin. People who are not afraid to show their high level of success and are fashion-oriented, own such.

Ankle boots

Wearing ankle boots gives the person strong confidence and refers to a fast lifestyle. People who wear ankle boots are considered aggressive.

Work boots

People who wear work boots usually love to plan and strategize everything ahead. They like to be prepared for unexpected situations. They are practical and hard-working. They are great planners.

Flat shoes

Humility. You are a person that doesn’t require any attention or applause and a standing ovation for your efforts. Flat shoes don’t attract attention and they’re comfortable, so many people like to wear them. You enjoy being behind the scenes and ensure that everything’s going well.

Flip flops

Most people wearing such feel relaxed and chilled. They go with the flow in life and does what makes them happy. These persons are outgoing, friendly, and spontaneous. Also, if you enjoy a lazy look, flip flops got you.

Boring shoes

The kind that everyone asks, “how did he wear such a shoe?”. Antisocial people mostly wear boring shoes. These are people who find it so hard to socialize or make a relationship. They also don’t care what other people think.

Always shiny and clean shoes

Dirty shoes will say a lot of negative things about you. Cleanliness of your shoes is something other people will include in a great impression of you.

Old but well-cared shoes You are a kind, confident person who likes to take care of others, if you own a pair of old well-cared shoes. A perfect example of this personality is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She likes wearing the same shoes over and over again. But she makes sure they are always clean and good-looking. She is conscientious.

Sporty shoes

Confident, organized and goal-oriented individuals love a sporty pair ever so often. They are great at multitasking, arranging things and focusing on achieving the goal. These persons are curious and open to exploring interesting ideas. They have a lot of energy no matter the age.

So anytime yo wish to know about someone's personality, just observe the type of shoes they often wear.

What is your shoe game?

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