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The Moran is no More. Blossoms of the Savannah author dies at 75.

Henry Ole Kulet was a veteran and multi-award-winning author among the awards being national honors getting the Elder of the Burning Spear: Second Class from the Kenyan president in 2019.

The gem was also a prolific author and published several titles that capture various aspects of the environment, and of the culture and experience of the Maa or Maasai people. Some of his popular books are;

l The Elephant Dance

l Daughter of Maa

l It is possible-1971

l How to become a man-1972

l Bandits of Kibi

l Blossoms of the Savannah

The Savannah that blossomed has now withered and certainly, it will be a big loss in the academic world particularly here in Kenya.

The renowned iconic figure in the literary world passed on Yesterday at Mediheal hospital in Nakuru.

He successfully drove the flavor into the exciting balance between the highly cherished African cultural values and the glowing ties with modernity, particularly among the Maa people.

Rest in Peace veteran. We shall meet again.

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