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The Big-Baby Scoops Savvana comedy war award organized by KWAL

As the country struggles to open the economy, many have already found the last six months a total bane, especially the creatives.

Many of them have been seen recently taking to the social media begging the president to reopen the economy for them to have platforms to showcase their creativity that highly depends on crowds.

However, these times have seen many of the creatives flooding the internet space with content; stretching their abilities and proving the saying; adapt or die. Such a creative is one Vincent Mseri also known as The Big baby, who has a positive outlook over the COVID-19 period menace.

“At first we were so scared that we will not survive these tough times. But on the flip side we have seen artists pushing themselves beyond limits, to produce online content as well as starting small business ventures”, said the young actor.

He says that many artists depend only on income generated by their gigs and performances which is usually a gamble every now and then in an industry that is still volatile. To him, he went right ahead to produce online content, something he says he had procrastinated for years.

“I always said I was going to start producing some content for the online space, only as lip service, but corona made it inevitable, I had to.”

True to his word, the comedian has been consistent in releasing rib-cracking content, which has already seen him recently qualify for the quarter-finals in the ongoing Savanna Comedy Wars, an online comedy competition sponsored by Savanna Cider East Africa.

The competition that has gained online traction, seeks to award comedians by awarding weekly winners, who proceed to battle it out in subsequent levels. It is so far in the round of 16 and will continue until the end of November 2020.

Mseri is a common face in the Kenya National Drama Festival, having scooped the Best Comedian and Best Performing Artist Awards while at the Technical University of Kenya, for two consecutive years. He is currently affiliated to the Aga Khan Schools, Technical University of Kenya and Technical University of Mombasa as a drama and film consultant.

The young CEO of BiGBaby Entertainment, a kids events and supplies entity, has great strength in performing impressions if his online content and stage performances are anything to go by. Having been able to hack an amazing impression of a Robert Murathe (pseudonym for Robert Burale), Pastor Pius Muiru, Dr. PLO Lumumba and most recently, Johnson Mwakazi, the creative is indeed a force to watch out for.

“Well, I’ve just started, the sky is just but another level”, said The BiGBaby. “I was very poor at social media; this season has really taught me how to fight in this tough space. People on social media can be ruthless but rewarding all the same. One needs to keep pushing, post one video, it works, post another, it hits the wall, it’s all part of the fun and process.”

His motto: “Don’t stop doing because they are no longer clapping, trust me, they are watching.”

Follow him on Instagram @vmseri and Facebook Vincent Mseri to watch his rib-cracking content.

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