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Where did we lose the grip Mr. Tailor?

Our black and natural beauty,

That spoke about our origin and identity.

Our black and natural beauty,

That gave us unmatched pride.

Our black and natural beauty,

That required fewer additives to make us rock!

That needed no makes to be made up.

You could see it at a distance,

It was a natural stunning beauty.

Made of the African soil,

That gave us titles; daughter and son of the soil.

Answer me, Mr. Tailor!

Where did we lose our core identity...?

That said everything about our African culture! Our beauty.

I feel it, Mr. Tailor...I smell it, Mr. Tailor...

From the color of my skin, to the texture of my hair,

Flowing natural inside me.

To the curve of my hips all the way to the glow of my skin.

That is my identity, Mr. Tailor.

I can declare it Mr. Tailor.

With no contradictory traces...

This new high-end fashioned design is indecency.

You!Mr. High-end designer.

Is this fashion or indecency?

The fashion that has changed the society for worse!!!, yes! for worse!

Could this be the popular new normal am hearing?

The normal immorality?

Pure dilution of our cultural beliefs?

Pure dilution of our environment?

Oh yes!

Everything has been diluted including the poetic rhythms

Is it true we've shed off our identity?

Or is this what we call "kawaida mpya" ?THE NEW NORMAL!?

Pooh Mr. Tailor...It shocks me how our men walk shoulders squared!!!

Putting on torn trousers! vests! and rugged trousers...

That they call fashion!!!

So, is this the new normal Mr. High-End designer?

My question remains,

Is this fashion or indecency Mr. High-end designer?

Mr. High end designer sir!

Don't you see that you have brought morality down to zero?

You have invaded our churches with no mercy.

Imagine how pastors feel when preaching sanity and morality!! yet your customer is sitting pretty at the first row crisscrossing her legs in mini-skirts.

Not so comfortable is it?

Her thighs out as cleavage of remains exposed.!!!!!

Mr. Customer sir!

If Jesus Christ's presence dawned to you that particular moment!!!what would be your option!?

Would you be the same ardent follower!?

Is the word of wisdom still harboring space in your heart? Is what you wear a priority?

You may declare with an open face,

that you don’t wear it in bad intentions!


But why dress like a twilight in streets of curse?

But why?

But why???????????


Almasi & Lilian

Edited by;

Almasi M. Ndangili

Photo courtesy: Turkana Riri

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