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Tanzanian Musician Munishi Accuses AZIMIO For Using His Music Without Consent.

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Tanzanian veteran gospel musician Munishi Faustin Munishi, has taken to his social media to accuse Azimio One Kenya Alliance, a Kenyan political entity, of using two of his hit songs in creating videos for their campaigns without his consent.

“It's not Fair. Mtumie wimbo wangu bila idhini yangu, Nikilalamika mnanitusi? (You use my song without my consent and you dare insult me when I confront you?)


Video below:

"Natumai ningepata maelezo kwa nini mtumie wimbo wangu? (I would like to get a clear explanation as to why you have used my song)” His Facebook post read.

“Wimbo wa Injili mnaugeuza kuwa wa siasa kisha mnautumia kushambulia wapinzani wenu? (Why would you convert my gospel hit into a political song and use it to attack your political opponents?) Inaonyesha jinsi mnavyodharau Injili na watumishi wa Mungu nami nikiwa mmoja wao. (This clearly shows your disregard and contempt towards the Gospel and God’s servants, me being one of them!)

Azimio-One Kenya Alliance, has been at loggerheads in the recent past with Kenya’s acclaimed band, Sauti Sol, over their illegal use of their hit song Extravaganza. The party used the hit song Extravaganza in a video to announce Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua as the running mate of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The dispute between Sauti Sol and Azimio stems from the manner in which the song was used. Azimio made an audio-visual using the song and used it on a private platform, which is not part of the license given to them by Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK). Synchronization rights usually remain with the artist.

According to lawyer Robert Asewe, deejay and CEO of Music Advocate Africa, in the Sauti Sol case, the artist has moral rights. This means they can decide to either be associated with any affiliations. “Whether political or otherwise, with the video the message that is being sent is that Sauti Sol have now given their support to Azimio,” he said.

Munishi has declared that he will sort legal redress over the matter.

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