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Swahili titan Lonani Kalu finally lands a Lucrative deal with Mombasa based automobile entity.

Former NTV Presenter and Kiswahili fan favourite Lolani Kalu has finally landed a lucrative job after his plight was highlighted online. He will be a brand ambassador with Mombasa based automobile entity.

Veteran journalist Lolani Kalu, who lost millions of his savings to a rogue contractor has signed a lucrative deal with Mombasa based Abson Motors Limited.

Lolani met with the company director on 30th of September 2020 to seal the deal commissioning his as their brand ambassador.

This came barely 2 days after his diehard fans around Kenya were heavily touched by the struggling story of their Swahili favourite journalism.

“I want to register my unreserved gratitude to the businessman Ahmed Mohammed(ASMALI) who initiated the story and two Swahili lovers and journalists Thomas Wanjala and Moscent Namusassi who picking up the story and shared the story with the larger social media platforms.Ïndeed,uungwana ni vitendo.” Almasi M. Ndangili.

Indeed when we come together great things happen. We are happy again to see our gem back on track.

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