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RUN YOUR RACE! 57-Year-Old Man Runs 90km To Propose To a Woman!

"Prudence will you marry me? Run 90k for you," read the banner.

Netizens been having a field day talking about 57-year-old South African man, identified as Joseph Kagiso Ndlovu, who ran a 90km (56-mile) ultra-marathon to propose to a woman named Prudence.

He prudently held a banner asking the woman to marry him, as he approached the finish line of the Comrades Marathon on Sunday.

This was the seventh time he was taking part in the marathon and he says that Prudence was the main motivation for his participation this time especially after a two-year break.

Mr. Ndlovu said that Prudence Dick was in the race to support him, and that he was excited since she accepted the proposal. It was a clear indication that running in her mind was not enough.

He said they have been dating since the beginning of this year, and plan to get married sometime next year. Joseph also asked everyone talking about him to run their own race.

We don’t know what exactly the man was running from, to find his love of his life, but only the destination. Probably he was inspired by Chike and Simi’s song; Running to you!

If going an extra mile was a person!


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