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Revealed. The reason why the Tanzani government delayed the announcement of President Magufuli death

Even before the official announcement of President John Pombe Magufuli death on 17th March 2021 at around 10:45 pm, speculations about his death were all over social media and it was a matter of wait to see.

Some Tanzania activists led by Tundu Lissu had already taken it to the social media to dare the Tanzania government to let the citizens know the truth but nothing was out until the right time based on TZ govt. agenda.

Tundu Lissu told Tanzanians that their president was on life support. When the president died two days ago, he said it. Tanzanian authorities and the president's inner circle refused to tell the people.

And what was the reason behind all this?

This was a calculated move to avoid causing panic among citizens who were worried about their president's health barely 5 months old into his second term. It was also meant to facilitate a smooth transfer of power to his vice Samia Suluhu- I think being a woman some men were worried if she was best suited to take over from the bulldozing master.

Nonetheless, something had to be done and Samia will be sworn in as the sixth president of The United Republic of Tanzania.

Tanzania has lost, the East Africa community has lost and certainly, Imarisha East Africa Production Ltd has lost Mtetezi wa Kiswahili.


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