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Redefining African Story Speech L1P3 by Almasi Ndangili

Did you know that the United States of America is the world’s leading brand and is worth 27.8 trillion? This is according to Visual Capitalist Analytica, an online publisher focusing on topics including technology, energy, science, and the global economy. This world is all about branding and marketing. As we all know, or we ought to know, the number one brander in the universe is the united states with a national brand value of 27.8 trillion based on visual capitalist analytica.

The American story of passion and bravery makes the united states seem like it is the best place on earth. Indeed, when they proudly say this is America; Land of the free and home of the brave that alone paints a picture that American is the best on earth, second to Canaan.

And Just like Americans, we have the power within us to redefine our vibrant Africa story!

Some best-selling movies from Hollywood, such as The Lion King, are made of our vibrant African tale. The Lion King productions have grossed over $1.6 trillion, with the 2019 release becoming the highest-grossing animation of all time. My question is, who can tell our story better than you and me? If Hollywood can make and sell great production like Lion King, how much more can we, the authentic owners of our information can do with it?

Here in Kenya, we have titans such as Mekatilili Menza; the Giriama traditional healer who prophesied the coming of a big snake that would swallow people in the coastal regions and spit them out miles away … that came to pass many years after her death by the introduction of the SGR. How about Kisoi Munyao -who braved Mt.Kenya’s icy temperatures to hoist our national flag? Those are the unsung heroes whose stories we should share with the world.

But wait a minute, who should we rely on to tell our story to the world? Film Directors, Entertainers, filmmakers, and the press it is going to be our responsibility to redefine our African story. We were born here, we know what is going on and I believe no one knows our pain and strengths better than ourselves.

The other thing we need to learn is to protect our country’s integrity. Today many people are dying in American following COVID-19 more than anywhere else in the world. The bush-fire in California has affected many livelihoods, but you will hardly hear so much about all that unlike if it was happening here in African and to be specific in Kenya.Reason being, they respect their confidentiality, and they choose to show what they want the world to see.

It is all about country integrity, and we have a particular reputation that we have to keep. Just like our families, no one puts their family out there in the streets.

I tend to believe, one thing that is wrong in Africa is when anything happens, our media is so easy to put it out there in the press out of negative energy. Less do they care that other broadcasting systems will pick it up and share. A good example has been how we have highlighted terror attacks, matters politics as well as tribalism. By no means do I say we should hide the mess, but lest should we forget we have country integrity and reputation for keeping.

I think it is high time we have to rebrand and redefine our African story, my country people. Africa is seen as a jungle and a home of Zebras, Lions, and Hyenas. I dare say our wildlife has represented the African story and our heritage so well than we the people of the land of Africa.

Africans have come of age and it's our call of duty to teach the great things that our African ancestors established.The time has come for us to sit at the negotiation table to discuss business partnerships, not ask for donations.

Finally, as I conclude, we have a younger generation that we expect to hand over the baton. What will they pick from where we left? Are they going to pick up our struggle and keep struggling to the next generation or the spirit of resilience and enterprising culture?

My final ask and thoughts, fellow toastmaster, let us think about it before passing the baton to the next generation.

If we do not redefine our story, people will think Africa is a jungle, and after all, is said and done, they will feel we will go back to the jungle to watch zebras and lions.

Let us rebrands our culture and make our superstars shining stars.

It is our call of duty to realize Africa has a reputation, and if we allow our story to be told, it will be said according to their plan.

It's up to you and me to make the change we want about mama Africa.

I love Africa

Thank you.

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