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Prof.Walibora the GOAT Swahili author. Nitakukumbuka sana!

Prof.Walibora will be GOAT Swahili author and his Siku Njema book will stand out to be a timeless masterpiece.

Indeed, he (Prof.Walibora) was a Swahili gem and his book, Siku Njema will be a Swahili master-piece. No more, no less!

You led. We followed.

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora!

Certainly his role in Swahili fraternity will be irreplaceable. Many will agree with me that his contribution in the education sector was not limited to the confines of Swahili. Over and above, Prof.Walibora was a bridge that most of us used to cross to the other side and we successfully did so.

Perhaps, this is why one of Kenya's top-notch author, Kinyanjui Kombani defined him as a giant on whose shoulders he stood. The mighty Walibora was a bridge and a strong tower in the writing industry in many ways including ;

a)A strong tower that was looked upon by all of us in Swahili community. We will all remember professor as a unifying factor among all of us regardless of our different backgrounds and origins. Whether you came from upcountry or villages of Kasipul Kasip Kabondo where Swahili is termed as the language of the aliens, in the ghetto of Kayole where sheng is a big deal, Aberdares highlands or islands of Pemba and Zanzibar, he believed we all belong and perfectly fit in the same community of Swahili. We all knew this and felt it and that is why I say;

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora!

b) He was a bridge between upcoming and great writers. Personally, as an upcoming Swahili writer, I can greatly attribute all I have learnt and done in Swahili fraternity to the great Walibora. John Mwazemba, Oxford University Press EA regional director defines professor as a humble guru yet hardworking gem who tirelessly sharpened his writing talent, on his(Mwazembas)article published by daily nation on 2nd of May 2020.

Professor was so artistic, poetic and meticulous in how he scripted his content. He was a great Swahili orator who mastered Swahili language inside out among many other things that gave him an edge in Swahili arena. Many artists staged some his set-books like Siku Njema, Kidagaa Kimemwozea among others with ease and passion because he artistically structured the plot and perfectly placed characters he used in his books such as Kongowea Mswahili, Mtemi Nasaba Bora among others.

c)He was a bridge in the world of oral and written literature particularly in Swahili Fasihi Simulizi and Fasihi andishi.

Professor was approachable and anytime you could gladly consult him to get a satisfactory answer even if you have seldom met him before. Walibora was a down to earth scholar who could seek an opinion from all of us regardless of who you are. This only justified the fact that he had humble traits and a likeable Swahili gem at the same time.

e)Prof. Walibora was a bridge between the previous, present and the next generation of Swahili writers. Under his umbrella, we all felt safe, loved and appreciated.

That is why today, on this symbolic, Father’s day I write this article to remember GOAT Swahili author, the one and only; Pro.Ken Walibora.

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora!

On 10th of April 2020, we all lost the GOAT Swahili author under mysterious circumstances. I vividly remember the night of 12th April 2020 when I received unusual phone calls. At around 2:00 am mid-night my phone was buzzing with calls, texts and WhatsApp messages. Certainly I tensed and sought answers to a most fundamental question; what could have happened ??? However, in a matter of moments after 2:00 am, a close friend called and on responding, she proceeded to equally inquire what happened; I responded by the same and exclaimed; "about what?"

“I hear Prof.Ken Walibora is no more.”

“I don’t know but please let us stop propagandas.” I retorted before hanging up the phone. Little did I know that my mentor’s body was lying still at Kenyatta Mortuary after he allegedly underwent harrowing experience during his last hours on earth.

At that night of 12th April, my experience after receiving news on Walibora’s death, left me psychologically affected. It traumatised me that to this date I find it hard for me to receive unknown calls in late hours of the night due to unprecedented psychological torture owing to the night,12th April 2020. A night that I received the death of a Swahili gem.

12th April 2020, a night that was!!!

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora!

When I refresh my mind, I always remember our stupid and thought-provoking conversations. I remember having a conversation with you on phone and upon greeting you; 'shikamoo mkubwa wangu'? you could respond; 'marahaba mkubwa wangu zaidi'. and we could all break out in laughter.

I vividly remember our social media-friendly fight when I would write on twitter and say you are our best Swahili writer ever and you could respond by saying “sikubaliani na madai haya.Kuna wengine wazuri kuniliko.” We would not stop there but I would continue to disturb you by asking you to mention them. You would then proceed to say “mimi siwajui nyinyi ndio mnawajua.”Then I went ahead to close the tiff by saying; "wewe ndiye Guru wetu".You were outrightly a professor of all time. Forever you will be.

When I pitched Tamasha La Kiswahili initiative to you back in 2015 you encouraged me to keep up the good job. You supported me and we developed what would later bring all Swahili lovers, publishers, top media houses corporates and parastatals together to celebrate Swahili being our national heritage. It was always my greatest pleasure to meet you and share with you my dream. When you told me, "son, correct here, keep it up, you can do better" I exactly implemented what you advised me and corrected what you equally requested me to. Together we initiated something that would later outlive both of us. And for that;

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora!

You planted something that blossomed.

One more thing I want to tell you before I finish because I know you will read this article only that you will not write back is that I will not only remember you during Father's day or mashujaa day, I will do so every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year in year out.

Thank you for building me from a Swahili fanatic to a Swahili rock star of 21st Century. I will share your vision and love with the next generation.

Until we meet again, hug and laugh together, continue resting in power GOAT Swahili author.

Nitakukumbuka sana Walibora.

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