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Prof. Bitange Ndemo's Phone Rings Again After Years In Silent Mode!

“The day I left office, my phone literally ceased to ring. My “friends” had moved on. I found myself checking my phone to establish if I had inadvertently put it off. The phone was fine.”

Prof. Bitange Ndemo has regained his “lost glory”, after reporting to Brussels to take up his new role as Kenyan Ambassador to Belgium.

The good professor took on his LinkedIn to announce that he has formally reported to his new office at the Kenya Embassy in Brussels where he will be serving as Kenya’s ambassador to Belgium and the EU. He has promised to deepen Kenya’s cordial relationship with Belgium and the EU in extension to ensure a positive impact on the respective economies.

The immediate former Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Nairobi who was once a super permanent secretary in the ministry of Information and Communication during President Kibaki’s regime, has been on record openly condemning the selfish habits of people who associate with you only when your star is shining. “They associate themselves with you for their advantage but distance themselves the moment they feel the glory has left you,” he said after losing his job as Kenya’s PS For ICT.

Bitange Ndemo has been named among the most influential people in the digital government. The apolitical entrepreneurship expert had notable contributions to digital transformation in Kenya among them being;

- He initiated policies necessary for deepened internet connectivity.

- He advocated for blockchain technology and AI, seeking to find ways of applying emerging technologies to business.

Ndemo is passionate about social enterprise, focusing on how ICT can contribute to SMEs.

We have no single doubt that the acclaimed professor will do incredibly well in his new assignment given his track record.

So did Kenyans learn a lesson from Professor? People do not lose or gain value based on their status, education, creed, money, etc. Giving value only to friendships that are based primarily on money or influence of the significant other can only be equated as greed and selfishness.

With his new gains, has his phone started ringing again? Your guess is as good as mine. Yes, it has! His phone now cannot stop buzzing from friends looking to congratulate him on his new job and acquaintances hoping to revive a relationship.

Well, indeed people will only need you as long as they are benefitting from you.

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