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Private investigator you are here to solve crime not to commit crime. Save us the embarrassment.

I went through the whole footage too and what I saw was absolute ineptitude. Based on that, I can accurately compare our so-called private investigators with waganga Maalum kutoka Tanzania that give themselves supertitles such as Prof, Dr with no idea of how difficult it is to earn them.

My take; 1.Any professional should be guided by a code of ethics to conduct business with honesty and integrity. Breaking the law to invade people's privacy is bad enough.

Someone saying install spying software's to access SMS, WhatsApp, videos, location as well testing partner's fidelity by "fixing" them is simply illegal, uncalled for, and using a criminal to solve a criminal case.

I am not an angel but until now I believe the best solution to all problems is to serve as good examples.

When cheated. Don't cheat. Try your level best to keep your dignity intact and people will learn a life lesson from you and improve if they have to else move on.

To our private investigators; 1.Try to exercise at least to avoid embarrassment. 2.Be guided by a code of ethics in your professional business.

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