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Passion or Madness???Larry Madowo Finds Himself on The Receiving End.

Moments after posting his photo filming his story about the floods in Southern Nigeria, Larry Madowo received mixed reactions after sharing a photo of himself while reporting inside the dirty waters.

" In-depth reporting on the floods in Southern Nigeria, literally. Catch it Wednesday on CNN.

Yes, I am risking getting a water-borne disease, but this is important enough that it’s worth it." He wrote.

Kenyan-born CNN reporter Larry Madowo went on to share his experience while reporting floods in Southern Nigeria through his social media platforms.

However, contrary to his expectations many netizens who flocked to his comment section criticized him for immersing himself in water which seems risky and reckless yet he could have done the interview from outside the water and achieved the same thing.

A sample of comments from some netizens across some of his social media platforms;

“That is foolish. He can do it outside the water and still look like he was working. Nothing worth.”

“My brother, it is okay to go the extra mile as a journalist but it is equally very risky to let stupidity take the best part of you in the efforts of appeasing your bosses.”

“This is what it means to be part of the story, this picture deserves recognition, keep up comrade.”

What do you think about this?

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