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Our two solid parents who have kept our grandparents candle burning to the 4th generation.

They are emblems of love, peace, and unity in our extended family. Their motherly care has been felt by every last one of us right from their siblings, children to grandchildren.

Certainly, we can't thank them enough…

Personally, as I turn 30 soon, I can’t be thankful enough to God for my best friend, mummy, and the person I love more than anyone else under the sun. The One-Phillis Munyiva Ndangili.

We’ve shared so many ups and downs when I was growing up. From sleeping hungry to seeing me through the doors of higher learning institutions and ultimately rising from dusks of Kyai village to dine with great people that I grew up hearing their voices on the radio.

Mummy, you are my greatest teacher. Some life lessons such as humility, love, and kindness that I learned from you I could not in any University or taught by the best professor on earth. These lessons define my true identity and forever I will carry them with me like I carry my mobile phone and I will do my level best to pass the baton to the next generation.

Just like me, I tend to believe all of us have got great and passionate stories to share about mum Sabina and Phillis who have relentlessly upheld their parental role and represented their parents for the last 30 years since the demise of our grand mum-Esther Mbeke and afterward her sister Meli alias Mami wa Konza.

After all, is said and done, we have a big responsibility of understanding human beings are not highlands but great stories can be transitioned across generations.

The question is, who will fill in the shoes of these great women who are regarded as mami to everyone?

Revelation to understand that and to fill in the gap is the best thing we can all enjoy for years and years and a family.

Thank you our lovely duo!!!

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