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One,Two,Three,Four-thousand pregnancies in one county? I have stopped counting.


One, Two, Three, Four,



Three, thousand-

Four-thousand teenage-pregnancies,

And still counting, but society is busy and it seems not an emergency,

It’s so sad!

Can you really blame mamma for this mess?

Mamma is too busy--sweating

blood to feed her hungry four,

While, papa is busy figuring out how to quench his addiction to illicit liquor--

Reason why he failed to file his zero tax returns--

And, he got time to rape his own daughter before mamma returned home--

It’s so sad!

“Dance to the beat,

Shake what yo’ momma gave ya’

Let’s get down,

Sex is cool,

School can wait…

YOLO—you only live once”…

Does that sound like a chorus to a familiar hit-song?

It’s so sad that the media has polluted the air with content they air,

Pornography is packaged in music that they play,

Sex ads at prime-time is no issue as long as it pays the bills,

And, parliament is too busy to pass a bill to censure the media,

It’s so sad!

Chastity is chocking--unable to breath,

Self-discipline is breathing her last,

And, Morality is dead and buried,

It’s so sad!

But, wait a minute…

Who’s really to blame for the mess?

Is it Mr. Politician who’s too busy cutting deals and growing his belly?

Or Mr. Preacher-man who’s busy packaging his next miracles?

Man eateth where man worketh—truth be told,

Times are tough, do not judge—

That’s the Mantra,

It’s so sad…

Dear society,

Time’s ticking,

And, we‘re staring at oblivion,

Generation Zee is dancing with death…

Girls are busy growing their bums-- Cutting belly fat, and, growing their breasts,

Young men’s minds are buried in pornography,

And are obsessed with curves--

They can’t stop drooling at the figure of a coke bottle,

It’ so sad--

Let’s stop talking and act!

Dear generation Zee,

Young is like morning dew—beware,

Pleasure is smoke and dust—be warned,

And in King Solomon’s wisdom--

All is vanity…

So, live right, or perish.

By.Sammy Nyasente

Creative Director

Imarisha East Africa Productions Limited

#Imarisha #Imarishadigitalreports #stopit #studentlivesmatter

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