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Media Maestro Bonnie Musambi has revealed he will be leaving KBC after 14 years stint.

Bonnie Musambi, the celebrated KBC Radio presenter has announced he will be leaving KBC by January 2022 after 14 years stint.

Bonnie Musambi, who redefined both KBC Channel One and Radio based on his huge experience possibly was the only remaining thing that could give any viewer a reason to watch and, or listen to KBC Channel One and KBC Radio. Probably the last thing that we will ever watch at KBC after Musambi’s exit will be SUNDOWNER on Sundays.

The Radio presented has earned his space and respect in the media industry for not only being one of the finest radio presenters but a great person. Many people, earlier this morning have flocked on Bonnie’s Facebook page to pay homage to Bonnie and wish him good luck and future happiness, but obviously, others can’t let go of the media maestro. Personally, I will remember Bonnie as being the very first journalist to interview me on Radio a few years ago when I published my first book. Well-conducted interview it was. Regardless that I was a young campus boy struggling to find my space in the writing Industry I was hugely humbled to meet this powerhouse media guru who treated me with the utmost kindness. For that, I will ever be grateful to Bonnie.

“ Early next year, I will be exiting KBC which has been my wonderful home for the last 14 years. God willing, I will be detailing this on Monday 10th January 2022 during my radio show Zinga, on Radio Taifa.” Posted on Saturday 11th December 2021.

Many bloggers have gone ahead to give their premature guesses about where Bonnie is heading but given my respect to him and the professionalism I uphold, I will wait until 10th January 2022 to get more details as he says.

To you Radio our Radio King, Just like Julius Caesar-You came, you saw, you served and conquered the media waves in an extraordinary manner.

We can’t be thankful enough but to wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

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