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Mandonga Wins the Hearts of Kenyans as many get disappointment over Kenyan Sportsmen Poor Branding.

Since the announcement of the much-anticipated boxing Match at KICC, Nairobi tomorrow the Tanzania socialite boxer Karim Mandonga has been so vocal and vibrant a move that has caught the attention of many people across East Africa on a positive note building Mandonga's brand.

Karim Mandonga Mtu Kazi will be curtain-raising the event along with Daniel Wanyonyi for the fight between Rayton Okwiri (Kenya) vs Shaban Ally Ndoro (Tanzania) has stolen the hype by single-handedly promoting the match which has made people question the role of other boxers in promoting the match.

This has also erupted in a big debate where many Kenyans have expressed their disappointment over Kenyan sportsmen's poor promotional and branding skills. For example, Daniel Wanyonyi seems more experienced but much emphasis has been placed on Mandonga because the Tanzanian and his handlers seem to have mastered the art of marketing and branding following how Mandonga has been vocal.

Okwiri, has eight wins that include six KOs, a draw and a loss (8-1-1, 6 KOs) while the Tanzanian is undefeated, 5-0-1, 2 KOs.

While Daniel Wanyonyi he's experienced and has achieved more in boxing, all the focus is on Mandonga Wanyonyi seems so unready and disorganised. For example, while Mandonga was moving from one station to another Wanyonyi was nowhere to be found for an interview since last week but it was rumoured was in Gikomba parking his Mtumba bales.

The Tanzanian has done well in the marketing of this much and whether he loses or wins he should pocket more money than anyone else who steps inside that ring for the fight.

This should be a wake-up call for our Kenyansportspeople. You are a brand. You are bigger than you think you are. Hype yourself. Market yourself. Take advantage of media opportunities to propel your career because publicity where necessary translates to money.

It is about we borrow a leaf from The Tanzanian media which gives more attention to authentic arts and talents compared to Kenya where just hype cross-dressers, clout chasers and too much drama.

Karim Mandoga has come up with interesting catchphrases such as Ngumi La sugunyo kutoka milipuko ya Bomu kutoka Ukrain.Very creative, right?

Our local sportsmen & women and promoters need a serious masterclass on image, brand packaging & management. Daniel Wanyonyi who I ironically came to know through Mandonga had a huge potential of commercializing his brands and money instead he decided to concentrate on a new jeans bale at Gikomba confident tomorrow he will do magic and wipe out Tanzania Mtu Kazi who he brushed off for talking too much.

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