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Finally A Homecoming Party For Elsa Majimbo In Kenya.

The amazing internet sensation and Kenyan comedienne is a cook-a-hoop at her making it to the cover page of Forbes Africa 30 under 30. This is nothing but the grace of God.

The writers of the latest Forbes magazine, on the land, were equally excited at her appearance and agreed that the young heroes and heroines in the continent’s most celebrated list of achievements, prove that being on the list has nothing to do with clout or commerce, but rather, for these young lightning rods, it is about ensuring that they represent not only their countries but the Africa they aspire to serve.

“Growing up, I always knew I would be iconic,” Elsa said at the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Africa in Gaborone, Botswana. “I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew it would be done.”

But why are Kenyans not excited about the great achievement of their own?

She has, in the past, accused Kenyans of cyber-bullying and rubbishing her talent.

A section of Kenyans, say they just don’t resonate with her content, therefore terming her ‘not funny’. She however found a home with her South African fanbase, that made her trend while sitting in Nairobi. She even has the South African flag on her Twitter bio.

In the recent past, she also declared that her dowry is 400 million Kenyan shillings and rose an uproar amongst Kenyans. But with her recent achievements, her siblings at home have taken it to Twitter, cajoling her to return home. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

The comedienne who resides in Los Angeles, USA, evokes a unique style of comedy that is all-witty and clever, which Kenyans are not willing to appreciate, saying they are facing very tough economic times, and are not willing to struggle to understand a joke.

However, the current trends are seeing Kenyans willing to appreciate more diverse styles of humour and not the all-time farce and slapstick kind. Methinks, they are just tired! It is so difficult to keep the Kenyan audience engaged let alone laugh. They are just a bunch of dejected angry people.

So dear Elsa, kindly come home, we are designing an economic model of having everything made in Kenya, you shall not be left outside there. We have also learned that your crisps jokes are very funny, we are even having some of those crisps made in Kenya. We promise to laugh at your jokes, even before you utter them.

Keep winning for us. You are ours. We are yours. You are an innovator leading a new change in Africa.

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