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Lessons to learn from the life and service of the late Prof. George Magoha

The eve of January 24 will be remembered as the darkest day of this year in the history of Kenya. This is due to the shocking news of untimely demise of the immediate former Cabinet Secretary for education, Hon.Prof.George Magoha. Reports indicated that he succumbed to Cardiac arrest in Nairobi Hospital.

Described by the media as a national icon and one of the most influential public servant in Kenya, the late Prof. Magoha served in numerous teaching, managerial and leadership. His achievements and mark in professional life and public service is outstanding in all areas he has served or had an influence.

For this, colourful tributes recognised this lose as blow to the medical profession and leadership in Kenya and beyond. The president eulogised him as a gifted, unique and a distinguished national icon. Pubic figures, leaders, colleagues and technocrats have recognised him as a great leader and academician, good administrator who is humble and humane.

1. The value of Principled servant-leadership

The late CS, Hon. Prof. Magoha was a man of his words and intention. This is an absolute resolution that he says was accustomed to during his high school days at Starehe Boys Centre. The late Prof. Magoha served the nation standing on an honest and objective principles of servant-leadership. Taking the example of his tenure as VC in the University of Nairobi, the graduates of his tenure recognise the forwardness and forthrightness he spoke his mind. This enabled him settle the scores between SONU, the most powerful students organisation at the time, comrades and the administration with ease hence smooth the expansion of both the infrastructure and research capacity of this premier university. It was no surprise when the former president appointed him to spear reforms in KNEC, and later minister of education, he earned public trust right from the onset.

2. Embracing value based firmness and truthfulness

The late CS of education has been described by colleagues and friends as a good soul who applied his mind to say that which others did not want to say, and some cases do that which others did not want to do. In his media briefings and interviews, he would speak his mind as it is. The new curriculum, CBC can be attributed to his efforts to wedge off criticism which saw formulation and initial implementation of the Content based Curriculum the current transition. He defended all that was for the good of the country and the stand of the government with passion. His religious faith and patriotic assertions stood out whenever he planned and executed his responsibilities. May his soul find eternal rest.

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