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I Do Not Owe Anyone 13.7million! 6 Lessons Behind Hussein Mohammed's Success Story.

Renowned media personality and the Director of Communications on Dr. William Samoei Ruto Presidential Campaign Secretariat, Hussein Mohammed is not a happy man. This comes a day after a letter making rounds on social media over arrears owed to influencers amounting to Ksh13.7 million ($114,643), went viral.

The letter dated Wednesday, August 24, claimed that Mohammed, addressed an individual named Daniel Rotich claimed to be United Democratic Alliance's finance director asking the money to be disbursed to five influencers.

Signatures alleged to be Mohammed's and UDA's secretary general Veronica Maina were also embedded in the fake letter purporting that the five influencers provided Twitter poll services to the coalition between Tuesday, August 9 and Monday, August 22.

Mohammed, however, disregarded the letter as fake and noted that it never originated from him.

Infact some of the Twitter handles referenced in the letter have been inactive since inception.

Hussein being an astute and upright journalist, has strongly condemned and warned Kenyans against the spreading of fake news.

Here are some amazing life lessons to learn from the media guru:

Family is everything:

“I support and appreciate the support and guidance of …. And, of course, my family. Always. Especially my dear wife who has been my support system all through.” Family can offer the foundation to grow and build your career.

Not many journalists are known to value family, let alone marriage. Media is, for the most part, a showbiz industry and those who make a name soon find themselves prisoners of freestyle living that’s fueled by celebrity events, free alcohol, trips, promiscuity and other junkets.


Hussein has a combination of persistence, professionalism and calmness that result in a humble but ‘stubborn’ journalist. You can still shine on screen or radio without spamming your audiences and followers with your life’s activities.

Hard work pays:

The media giant was clearly a hard-worker and a go-getter, according to those who have worked with him. After college, he struggled to get internship at a time when media space was still constrained.

After subsequent rejections, he got a chance at the now-defunct Kenya Times. He would years later find his way to Citizen TV where he started off as a political reporter and rose up through sheer grit to a news anchor and celebrated talk show host. He now serves the president-elect Dr. William Ruto, as a communication strategist.

Leave a legacy:

We all need to work for something bigger than money, activating your passion for the job, and then doing it so diligently that it’s hard for people not to notice. Such individuals are never forgotten.

Never burn bridges:

Royal Media Services CEO, Waruru Wachira said of him when he was leaving RMS, “You and I have spoken a lot about your departure and you know how much we as a company have valued your contribution. You are a hard worker, committed and above all a man of integrity. I believe as you progress in the future you will do well. All the best Hussein.”

Unlike many journalists, who speak ill of their former employees when they get to greener pastures, Hussein left honorably. This has made him maintain a good working relation between him and his former employer and serves as a role model to many.

Embrace your critics:

Simply turn criticism into learning opportunities. Your enemies and critics are what will keep your star shining. Not your fans and sycophants. Critics often point out weaknesses you can improve on. Moha believed that enemies give you reason to be stronger and smarter.

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