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Larry Madowo Over the Moon after Graduating from Columbia University following 2 years delay.

Finally, it is here!

"I came back to New York to confirm that my master’s in Business & Economics Journalism was real. It is, and they haven’t changed their minds.”

Madowo took the good news to his social media where many of his followers from around the world flocked to congratulate him.

Back in 2019, Larry was announced receiving news of his admission into the lucrative Columbia Journalism School knight-Bagehot fellows that included only 10 people from across the world namely; Jillian Berman, Maria Eloisa Capurro, Kati Jennings Hannah Levintov, Larry Madowo, Akiko Matsuda, Eshe Nelson, Oheneba Ama Nti Osei, Andrew Rosati, Hamza Shaban

Larry Madowo is a force to reckon with having well established his name in the media industry, hopping from one media to another and growing from strength to strength.

We are proud of our son for setting the bar high!

#Imarisha #ImarishaDigitalCongratulates #LarryMadowo

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