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Kiswahili Dadisi Grade 5: New Release by Oxford University Press EA featuring author Pauline Kea.

The dynamic shift in the education sector here in Kenya following the change from 8.4.4 to competency-based curriculum has met many conventional authors and publishers with a big surprise.

However, this has come as a big opportunity to some dynamic authors who kept preparing for the best time to tap in.

Among them is the celebrated author Pauline Kea who has contributed immensely in writing Kiswahili Dadisi Grade 5 by Oxford University Press East Africa, a mandatory Swahili textbook by grade 5 students among other coursebooks.

Popularly known for her Swahili set book-Kigogo, Pauline Kea is among sought after modern Swahili authors from Kenya with close to 50 published books.

Kiswahili Dadisi grade 5 is learner-centered and adaptive to the changing needs of students, teachers, and society placing more emphasis on what learners are expected to do rather than exclusively focusing on what they are expected to know.

Now students, teachers, and parents and visit the leading bookshops and get the book.

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