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Kenyans continue celebrating their music legend E-sir 18 years later.

Trailblazers never die and if they die their creative work lives forever.

E-Sir, a celebrated Kenyan music legend rested died on March 16th,2003 in a road accident.

Despite the fact that the musician died young and probably he could have done so much better 18 years later in case he was alive, his star is shining bright to date.

The majority of Kenyans took it on social media to explain how young they were when they first heard Boomba train hit by E-Sar ft.Nameless.Some would say they were in Primary schools, lower secondary school etc will remembering E-Sir.

The singer did a remarkable job in transforming the music industry in Kenya and he will not only be remembered for his masterpiece song Boomba train but by how he changed the music industry here in Kenya.

RIP our legend E-Sir-tutakukumbuka sana!

#Imarisha #Imarishadigitalcelebrates #E-Sir

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