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Kenyan seasoned author celebrates 15 years of an exhilarating journey at Standard Chartered bank.

Even though some organisations are big brands and pay well, majority of them hardly let their employees enjoy their God-given talents. It sounds like a potential threat!!!

Standard chartered is different altogether if words of a Kenyan born top-not author Kinyanjui Kombani is anything to go by.

“Standard Chartered has been more than a home to me. I got married while here and all my kids don't know any other ‘Daddy’s Job’. I have made great friends and lifelong relationships and have achieved many things I never imagined I could have. Even more importantly, I have learnt so much. I am thankful to work for a company that not only allows, but strongly encourages creativity, and thus my writing journey has excelled as well. I am a better writer because I am a banker, and a better banker because I am a writer. I don't take that for granted.” KK expresses his unreserved gratitude to the company that has made him who he is today.

In a nicely scripted piece of Facebook post that proves he is a masterful storyteller as well as his prowess in the Queen's language, the award-winning author narrates how he walked into Standard Chartered Bank along Moi Avenue Branch back in 25 September 2005, where he was posted as a Graduate Clerk.

“I was not looking for a career in banking. By the time I graduated from Kenyatta University in 2004, I already had a novel published, my dance drama had won an award at the Culture Week Festival, a play I had written had travelled around the country and even as I joined the bank we were shooting it to film. I had my career choices clearly defined.” Kinyanjui takes us back in them the days.

People come from far and KK is not an exception. Kinyanjui Kombani who in those last 15 years has risen from strength to strength to become a senior employee of Standard Chartered and among the most influential authors in Kenya says back then he did not have an idea of the difference between a credit and a debit, and he made so many mistakes on the way.

“I kept thinking that I was going to leave the next year for my career in the arts.” He puts as it on a light note.

“It has been 15 years and roles across Sales, Service, Relationship Management, Team Leadership, and Learning and Development.” He continues on his long and captivating piece of story on Facebook.

KK took the opportunity to thank quite a number of great people who he has been lucky to glean some nuggets of wisdom from among them being;

Kariuki Ngari: Who instilled a sense of urgency and excellence to the gem.

Kibaara Robert and Tirus Mwithiga taught him to think big “Don’t be the brightest bulb in the room. If you find yourself in this situation, find a bigger room.” Tirus said.

Gichia-for his accountability partnership.

Julia Alego; For being a lifelong coach.

Nyokabi-for helping him see the bigger picture;

Munyori-for the advice and support,

Suman Sharma for opening his eyes globally.

“I have learnt more in the last few months than I have in the last 15 years of my career.”

I have learnt the 3 key pillars for career success: Focus, Excellence and Relationships.When people now ask me, I don't say I have a job. I say I have a career.

And the learning continues.” KK.

At Imarisha East Africa Productions Ltd we wish the gem great career and energy to keep writing.

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