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Invaluable Lessons To Be Learned From His Excellency Dr. Ruto Political Strategies

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The Republic of Kenya has just concluded the general elections, and Dr. William Samoei Ruto, named as the President of the Republic of Kenya. Despite the myriad accusations and counter accusations over integrity matters, Dr. Ruto has never lost an election in his career spanning 30 years.

The political maestro emerged victorious after the Supreme Court of Kenya judges unanimously voted upholding his win, in a petition filed challenging his win. Here are some invaluable lessons to learn from the political guru.

Always start as early as possible. Prepare and move, even when you're not ready. Motion builds momentum. This man began “tangatangaring” (seeking from every corner), long time ago.

Work harder everyday than all your competitors. Ruto worked every single day. His team never rested.

You cannot succeed alone. Have a deliberate team of like-minded people, to pursue your vision. If your aim is to build a business, work hard with those ones.

Take the opposite side as your competition. If they are perceived as prestigious, appeal to the lower income customers. If they appeal to the old, go for the younger. He created the dynasties vs hustlers narrative and sailed with it.

Do not fear to intimidate and fight your competition. Sometimes you get dirty depending on your business type. Let them fear you. Fearful opponents make tactical mistakes. The larger the opponent, the better.

The art of salesmanship is paramount. Your biggest task in building anything is marketing. Market your "bottom up" solution and let your prospects resonate with you. The more people talk about you or your product the more visible it becomes.

Use as many tactics in the book as possible. Ruto has donated to churches, supported hustlers, promised us heaven, bribed people, cried in public, welcomed the rejected, occupied moral high ground and many more. If it works for you, go for it. Leave no stone unturned.

Apply the 48 Laws of power by Robert Greene starting with; "Never Outshine your master. Be Bold. Appeal to their self-interests. Play to their fantasies. Be unpredictable. Plan all the way to the end. When it’s time to stop surviving under the master, strike properly on your own.

Always be ahead of your enemy or competitor. Learn his tricks, and plan ahead.

Lastly, hire the best, smart soldiers for your vision and dream. Look at his Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi, Communication Strategist Hussein Mohammed, not forgetting his Economic Strategist David Ndii. He chose the best, and they gave their best.

All in all, we congratulate His Excellency the President, Dr. William Ruto, may his leadership be as good as his word.

Bless Kenya.

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