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Inside the new State of the Art Kenya National Library Service. President Uhuru Kenyatta Remarks

On the 13th of November 2020, during the launch of the Maktaba Kuu building, president Kenyatta confirmed that this is part of their promises to Kenyans for expansion of intellectual horizons and promotion of the reading culture in Kenya.

Indeed, this comes at the right time and hopefully, it will address the growing need for knowledge and information among many Kenyans.

As the CS.for Sports Culture and Heritage-Dr.Amina Mohammed aptly put it the new Maktaba Kuu is not a building but a place that enables its users to understand their past and future societal challenges.

However, as much as we all agree we can get information and study from anywhere thanks to modern technology, Knls is a monument designed with an Africanised concept to represent Kenyan Culture that you should not fail to visit.

Among many other things you will enjoy when you visit the arguably largest library in East and Central Africa are;

a) It has 300 capacity children's theatre that can be used for skits, plays, and storytelling.

b) In case you have retired and tired worry no more instead visit Maktaba Kuu for mind empowering rest. The senior citizen sections offer a quiet environment to read and network that can keep you completely engaged and active.

c)It has a section as well for persons living with disabilities completely fitted with reading aids such as audio-books, braille among others to help every learner access the required information and knowledge.

d)The Government of Kenya has injected Ksh.250 million to boost virtual libraries and enable Kenyan citizens to get critical information that can empower their lives and their communities.

e) Indeed, developing the talent of people creates pride and identity so that at the end of the day we are not shallowed by other cultures. KNLS has 2 auditoriums that can host over 800 capacity when hosting a play. This can provide an opportunity for many talented Kenyans and we will be on the lookout to see if Kenya National Library Management will be kind enough to provide a platform for many talented youths in Kenya to grow their talents through incredible initiatives such as Tamasha La Kiswahili among others.

As president Kenyatta mentioned, a society that does not recognize the talent of its young people will always remain challenged.

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