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If you lack moral decency don’t call it 'boys club';

While the sex scandal in the creative industry seems to be a generational disaster, it is about time for the upcoming crop of artists to understand the influx of many servants of lust and not enough masters of love! Moral decay is the norm here!

But wait a minute!, for you to save yourself from the whole agony of such immorality you need to get your priorities right upfront. It is your full responsibility as an artist to know pretty well how compressing it is and keep reminding yourself of what brought you in this perceived "dirty" industry so that you better your stay committed to the great course. Least you will find yourself wallowing in the abyss of confusion and easily end up in the traps of the so-called " present-day celebs.”

My attention has been hugely drawn by the recent disgusting videos associated with Jalango “boys club” that has been trending in the better part of this week. This for sure has left me wondering where it leaves his relationship with his employees, employer, colleagues, business partners, mentees, and most importantly his immediate family particularly his wife, siblings, and parents.

Look at it this way, before we become celebs, stars, professionals etc. we first subscribe to humanity. In the face of our families, we are recognized as sons, daughters, dads, and mums. These are the people who suffer a lot when we find ourselves in certain scandals. Always remember to take care of them, emotionally.

Indeed, in his long post Jalango admits that since the video started leaking, it has broken his family, lost businesses and some of his top clients have pulled away.

As much as we live upholding unrelenting respect for Mzee 'Jalas Mwenyewe' by appreciating the undeniable fact that his rise to the zenith of his career has been through sheer hard working, we also think he has played a great role towards his big mess. If Jalango has keenly been following this anonymous blogger that he claims to have made attempts of setting him up since last year with no luck, this might not have been so successful in the magnitude it has overwhelmingly weighed on him; He surely could have considered;

a) Brand Protection-It is unmistakable Jalas is among the seasoned brands in creative art today. He is among the few celebs used by many companies for the promotion of their brands. If at all Jalango knew the value of brand protection he would not have allowed this to happen.

However, may I assume he has learned a lesson and he better come out stronger.

b) His societal role-Jalango should understand that he is a grown-up man and cut off his adolescent stage behaviors. Besides, an established entertainer like Jalango who has inspired many of us with great success story must uphold his dignity. It is a double standard for him to write and say, "the difference between us and you is your chats have not leaked out but I can assure you in most WhatsApp group chats about men, women, and money can never miss." This is petty and fake and won't vindicate Jalas neither does it sanitize his blurring trait. You are bigger than this sir !!! You are a brand.

As I conclude!, I challenge the present-day celebs to acknowledge that it is about time we wake up from slumber and stop being mean to ourselves. Let us redefine and rebrand the creative art industry once more and build a sustainable, lucrative, and respectful ecosystem where many upcoming crop of artists will enjoy and thrive.

So help us God!


Almasi M. Ndangili

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