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We are in dark times. Corona has made us live lives that are not ours.

I miss the times when I could smile and someone could smile back and tell me I got nice teeth. I miss those moments I would go out and breath fresh air. I feel bad my ears are having stretch marks. I miss the times I would run to my mom and hug her tightly.

I miss the noise in class. I miss the BBI rallies. I miss giving out my offering in that church basket. I miss holding my chalk and teaching. I just feel awkward.

I pass in the street and see a maize vendor dressing like a surgeon. I look at a pole and notice there is no post of "daktari kutoka kitui". I get into a matatu and sit on my own, in a sit of two. I miss sitting next to a lady paying her fare and asking for her number.

But I'll continue to wash my hands with soap and water. Use a sanitizer when I can't access water. I'll wear a mask. I'll observe social distancing. I'll do this just because I want my life back.

By Frank orlando.

#Imarisha #Imarishadigital #CreativeArt

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