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I Love It Like That!!! Wahu's Solomonic Feedback on Exposing her Pregnancy online melts haters.

In today's digital era, social media is used for almost every personal revelation, so using it for a pregnancy announcement seems like a no-brainer. While it's perfectly fine to share the news that way, it is paramount to remember we are in Africa where conventional believes and tradition is still a reality.

Many will wonder, many will take it offensively, many will rationalize it, and others appreciate it, but does it matter?

Citing from the experience of a renown Kenyan Musician Wahu Kangwi who announced her pregnancy along with her family a few months ago, she received exciting feedback and good wishes but again some sharply blamed her for exposing her belly everywhere and for everyone on social media.

Perhaps because she had full support from her immediate family right from her husband, Nameless to her outgoing lastborn that she was notorious enough not only to respond but to respond with Solomonic wisdom to some critics who perceive the idea of exposing her belly online as a bad influence from a rotten western culture that could cause more harm to the expectant mother here in Africa.

“Some people find it uncomfortable exposing their knees and hair just as others find it uncomfortable to expose their pregnancies.” But hey, should you believe or contrary opinion matter to me? “Hell No.” that is the beauty of democracy and diverse culture anyway.

According to Wahu, some of us treat the experience of sharing PG bellies online as an artistic symbol of bringing something to life that we should all be proud of. She cited this as not the first time as 17 years ago she shared her pregnancy with her baby girl Tumiso through her music video and this is among the fondest memories she always looks back to.

So, according to me sharing your belly online is neither here nor there. Just enjoy doing what makes you happy much as it does not harm others.

In the meantime, what do you think about the idea of sharing pregnant bellies online?

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