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Furious Africans Flood BBC Post On Queen Elizabeth's Relationship With Africa! Comments Disabled!

“If really there is life after death may the queen get what she deserves she perpetuated colonialism and apartheid in South Africa and our minerals were taken from the native African Britain is what it is because of Africa they own almost all the mines. There is nothing to celebrate!”

Moments after BBC Africa posted a video on Facebook with a caption; “We take a look back at Queen Elizabeth II's longstanding relationship with Africa”, many Africans went on the comment section to express their anger towards the royal family.

“Ppl still showing their slavery to her not knowing the history... she was a Queen of slavery. Real queen of ppl is Diana..who was killed by the same dynasty...” One comment said.

Others went on to ask for their diamonds which are said to be in Britain after being stolen from Africa.

“You will never understand Africans. They are busy mourning an old woman who caused their nations great pain. Is this not a Queen of a country that colonized Africa and caused poverty in your land? Her British troops killed your freedom fighters who were fighting for freedom and independence. But today Africans are crying tears as if they lost a parent. Even the diamond on her crown was stolen from Africa in 1905. It is the biggest diamond in the world. A terrorist and a thief is dead!”

The post which received more than 2,000 comments in a span of 2 hours, has since been disabled for comments.

It is quite evident that Africans are not in any way amused by the attention the world has given to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, if the commentary on social media platforms is anything to go by.

This comes after the netizens were on Nigerian Professor Uju Anya’s neck, following her vile tweets over the Queens death.

“I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” She tweeted.

After billionaire Jeff Bezos led the online community in condemning the “anti-racist” Professor’s mockery, Twitter deleted her tweets for violating their rights.

One would ask, is this an appropriate time to scorn the royal family?

Perhaps the dangerous wound of colonialism is still rife in the hearts of Africans, it only takes a trigger!

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