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Eric Omondi apologizes to KFCB boss...

Now we know the Bazuh between Eric Omondi and Dr.Ezekiel Mutua.

Ultimately, one had to quit and it was a matter of time to know. Now we know.

After an episodical turn of events Yesterday between the African king of comedy and KFCB boss that attracted a roller coaster of emotions among many Kenyans, Eric Omondi has finally bowed to the pressure and issues a public apology. In his IG post made earlier today Eric writes;

I have had a very long phone call with my very good friend Daktari Ezekiel Mutua and he is of the very strong opinion that #WifeMaterial does not have to be dirty to sell. I completely agree with him and I have sent him a personal apology. The intention has always been to entertain and not to offend and I'd like to apologise to anyone who was offendedThe whole idea behind #WifeMaterial is to bring East Africa and Africa together through Entertainment...The Vision is to take over Africa and the Dream is to lift the East African and Kenyan flags to the World and that requires a rigorous and vigorous creative process. In order to compete Internationally we need to put our best feet forward. The creative process can be long and tedious and whenever a new idea is born it comes with a lot of teething problems. WE PROMISE TO BE BETTER AND DO BETTER


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