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ELECTRIC OMANYALA! The Secret Behind Kenyan Athletics.

“It is Omanyala. Kenya. The Theatre is living its dream. Kakamega, Nairobi, Tokyo, Germany, Mauritius Soil & Nairobi again. Reeved in color. Restored to this great gallery of the game. A walking work of art. Vintage, beyond valuation, beyond forgery or imitation, 26 years since that trembling teenager of touch and tease, first tiptoed on to the historic stage, now in his immaculate maturity, Ferdinand Omanyala, very much a sprinter, by reputation..and by fact. World-class athletism!” In Drury’s voice.

Omanyala becomes the only other Kenyan to win the Africa 100m title after legendary Joseph Gikonyo, at the 1990 Cairo Championships, breaking a 32-year stalemate. If he scoops the 200m title on Saturday, then it will be a double win for him and a replica of his counterpart, Gikonyo.

Fact check; Talented athletes have always emerged from Africa. But no other nation on the continent has been able to match Kenya’s consistent ability to produce champions over and again.

So what is the secret?

Research has it, that;

Genetic predisposition,

Development of high maximal oxygen uptake as a result of extensive walking and running at an early age,

Relatively high hemoglobin and hematocrit,

Development of good metabolic "economy/efficiency" based on somatotype and lower limb characteristics,

Favorable skeletal-muscle-fibre composition and oxidative enzyme profile, traditional Kenyan diet,

Living and training at altitude,

Motivation to achieve economic success.


Yes! You got that right! I thought you should know.

Speaking to Capital Sport, just a few days before his great win, the 26-year-old exhibited the all-time Kenyan athlete spirit:

“Just believe,” he said.

“I have started to get a perfect start and in the last four, I have been really good. It is just about the fifth to 10th step where there’s a bit of delay. I want to correct that and improve on the transition from low drive to top-speed running. If I get it smooth I believe I will save up to 0.3secs of my MP”. Utmost confidence.

He added; “I believe it is possible. One day, one time Kenyans will wake up in the morning to see on their screens that I have broken the World record and I am really prepared for it.”

Ferdinand Omurwa Omanyala is the next world record holder of the 100m race. Save this quote. Kenya is celebrating, Africa is celebrating!

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