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Branding Africa

#Transformation has never been this fast and it will never be this slow anymore,thanks to technology.

The future says, we will have to learn,unlearn and re-learn new ways if at all we expect to stay relevant in 21st century.We also need to be agile enough to deal with the realities of this day and age where digital disruption has become a big deal.

But wait a minute,talking about Covid-19 pandemic which I believe has affected everyone globally in one way or another,I honestly think it is a wake up call to us Africans that will help us learn new and better ways of dealing with our own issues which we should optimize afterwards to make #Africa a better place for you,for me and the rest.

The first great lesson we should learn and share is that human kind from across the world share the same kind of problems,breath the same air and yes,we all have a finite existence.

This gives us an idea that we can as well take part in solving global problems right from here in Africa.Actually,I suggest to you we can invent the vaccine for Covid-19 even before anyone else does,it is not too late for an African kid to shine bright and show ourselves to the world.

But for us to do this we must wake up and re-brand #mama #africa very fast.We must #redifine the #african story and tell somebody we are not sons and daughters of a lesser God.We must believe in ourselves.

We share the same maker and historically speaking we are even privileged reason being Africa is the #cradle for man kind if at all the word of archaeologists is anything to go by.

In sum,I wish to suggest to us that it is our responsibility as #africans to #brand #mama #africa.

Mr.reporter stop being stupid and so negative about #africanstory. Tell them about our #vibrant cultural heritage,tell them about our heroes and heroins,our beautiful women and wonderful nature in #Africa.

The responsibility of branding #africa lies with you #african child; authors, artists,pastors,politicians and yes,even our witch-doctors we need your magics to brand #mama #africa and give her the respect she deserves.

#Imarisha #Kiswahili #Lovemamaafrica

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