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Billionaire Nannies And House-helps Earning More Than Doctors

"Saying you're a nanny doesn't get that 'Oh! You're a nanny? That's so exciting!' reaction from people," she says. "It's like "Oh, you're a nanny. When are you going to get a real job?"

Heidi Joline has worked as a nanny for nearly 20 years. But she wasn't always so sure childcare was the right career for her. But after trying office work for a bit, she returned to nannying and realized she could grow in a way that was interesting to her, valuable to her families and a lot more lucrative than teaching preschool.

In her case, since the child she is taking care of is spending more time at school, Joline is transitioning into a family assistant role, handling the organizational side of the family's life including grocery shopping, cooking meals, picking up dry cleaning, handling pool cleaners and housekeepers and making sure the family's dog has vet visits and a stock of food.

She earns at least $30 an hour with additional pay for overtime, overnights or travel, allowing her to earn more than $100,000 a year. Gone are the days when parents only looked for nannies who are uneducated and clueless about bringing up holistic children.

"In this field, things change all the time," Joline says. "What we did with our children five years ago is not what we're doing now with regard to nutrition, socialization, education and overall well-being. You have to keep up with that to help inform the parents."

Norland College, located in the historic English city of Bath, for instance, produces elite child caregivers and supernannies who work for royal families and can earn more than doctors. Here, these nannies-to-be learn self-defence and take lessons in advanced driving and cybersecurity.

Joline, has passed the International Nanny Association Exam, taken Yale courses on child rearing and Stanford courses on health across the gender spectrum. She has studied child psychology, newborn care and resilience following trauma.

According to CNN Business, like many professionals earning six figures and working long hours, these house-helps have help. Most of them own personal assistants, social media assistants and housekeepers to clean their home.

One Marly Higgins Driskell, an elite nanny, says that after 23 years as a traditional nanny, she was looking to stay in a career she loved, but expand her work. Her full title is now, "Certified Credentialed Master Newborn Care Specialist," and her expertise is with high-order multiples like triplets, quadruplets and even quintuplets.

Child care positions aren't usually thought of as high-paying jobs. But with wealthier families seeking nannies that are trained in newborn care, child development or languages, it's becoming more common to see in-home caregivers earning six-figure salaries.

Indeed, if you love what you do, you will definitely make the most out of it.

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