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Best Swimming Pool Safety Rules: Kenyan Drowns In Pool While On Facebook Live! VIDEO & PHOTOS

Kenyans were shocked when a lady identified as Helen Wendy died while live on Facebook.

The lady whose Facebook profile indicates that she was a nurse working in Canada, was from work in the afternoon and decided to enjoy some cold afternoon swimming in a swimming pool.

"Nimetoka job, I'm feeling good," she said moments after she went live.

"It's 2 o'clock here," she added as she intermittently responded to viewers in the comment section while playing with water.

She would dive in water and resurface, come back to her fans but at the 9th minute, she dived in what looked like the deep end of the pool but she did not come back to her gadget, probably a phone.

She started drowning and could be heard wailing for help. At exactly 11:54, she made the last sound before it all went silent.

From this point, the camera kept rolling for 3 hours before a man came around at the 3:09 hour mark.

Two minutes later, another man came around and they confirmed that she had died and went on to call the caretaker of the facility.

So how safe should your swimming experience be? Here are a few basic safety measures to always consider when going for swimming:

  • Take swimming lessons from a qualified instructor if you're not a strong, competent swimmer.

  • Don't swim if you've been drinking alcohol.

  • Don't swim alone or allow others to do so.

  • Stay out of the water during thunderstorms and other severe weather. During lightning storms, seek shelter away from metal objects, open areas, and large, lone trees.

  • Don't exceed your swimming ability. Know your limits and stick to them.

  • Check the water level before diving into a pool, ocean, pond, reservoir, or lake. Always dive with your arms extended firmly over your head and your hands together.

  • Don't dive into unknown bodies of water, like lakes, rivers, quarries, or irrigation ditches. Jump feet first to avoid hitting your head (and breaking your neck or back) on a shallow bottom, hidden rock, or other obstruction.

May Wendy’s soul rest in eternal peace.

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