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Listen carefully to the zephyr from the trees,

A reminder that the antique of ambiance was full of happiness,

When nobody was afraid to old normal;

shaking hands,

When keeping distance meant betrayal and indiscipline.

When men would crapulent the whole night.

Hark keenly to the breaking news,

The alarming of the dreadful and unseen beast has rang,

A disease more prone to death, more susceptible to cymeteries

Yet taken as a joke in Kenya,

A myth that has caused drastic changes,

Early school Holidays,

No visitors at establishments of stay.

No travels

Do you see anything? no more jobs to attend to,

The land is pregnant with tears, hunger!and dejection.

The tiding has caused more tension, domestic violence,

What will be memories when I wrap up my stomach lying hungry on my mat,

I prepare stones and bottle tops for my family,

To disguise them for food

My travail has left nothing but colors on me.

A bestrewed country it has become for the dives,

A transition of city life to the countryside means poverty,

A crescent disease that's more wax even for the strongest,

The demolition of houses are still done by the mightier,

Where do I lie my head over the night?

Where do I hide when the rain pours,

Who can I cry to as others equally crush?

Some questions will linger, yes!

Who brought the calamity?

Are they cities of the world?

Could it be technology?

Where does the finger point at?

Songs have been sung, poems recited, aids given in dollars.

Yet numbers surge.

Do we live a new Normal?

When churches are closed, and God isn't remembered?

When vehicles make haste to beat timelines,

When washing is a new normal?

When mouths are covered to limit our oxygen.

Oooh, brothers, the land is pregnant with tears.

You can see them!, armed with guns,

You can see them, adorned with surgical, masks, sanitizers ...

When do we live our routine lives!?

Can the mighty heavens open!?

God cannot let us down

That we are sure of.

We surely will shake our hands.

By Sonia Adisa.

#Imarisha #Imarishadigital #Ahomeoftalents

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