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Author Pauline Kea Over the Moon Following her Daughters Debut in the Writing Space.

They say, the apple doesn't fall far away from the tree and the Kigogo author could not hide her excitement after sharing her daughter's new books published by Queenex.

In a post seen by Imarisha East Africa Productions, the author shared an attachment of two titles written by her daughter Berttila Kithia i.e. The Scouts Camp and other stories and the big race and other stories alongside a caption of compliment to her firstborn for a good job done.

"I thank God for you, my baby girl. I am soooo...proud of you my daughter @Berttila Kithia .

Congratulations.GO, go, girl child, go...the sky is not the limit! " Pauline Kea Posted.

The apple doesn't fall far away from the tree and this has been exemplified by the creative hub-family.

Author Pauline Kea is a seasoned author who has published over 40 titles and one of her books, Kigogo is currently used in high school as a mandatory set-books.

@Imarisha East Africa Productions Limited we share their pride and we wish Bertilla a successful journey in the writing space.

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