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Usain Bolt Trademarks Pose! His Message To African Athletes On Athlete Branding.

“The mark consists of the silhouette of a man in a distinctive pose, with one arm bent and pointing to the head, and the other arm raised and pointing upward.”

World champion and record holder in two of track’s biggest events, Usain Bolt, has applied for a trademark of his iconic victory pose. The champion submitted an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Aug. 17 and also filed an application for his signature, indicating that he plans to sell a number of products, including cosmetics, perfume, clothing, footwear and headwear, using it.

“Bolt plans to use the image of his celebration as a logo on products that include clothing, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, restaurants and “a retail shop carrying exclusive track and field products,” the filing states.

However, this is not Usain Bolt’s first application for his victory pose. In 2017, his registration, that he had acquired in 2009, was canceled because he did not file proof he was actually using the trademark to sell goods in the United States, which is a requirement to maintain a federal trademark registration.

In his retirement, it is quite evident and inspiring that Bolt is starting to look more closely at business opportunities in the world of sports, branding is very important, and Bolt seems to be setting a good standard in athlete branding.

Athlete Branding:

This is a public persona of an individual athlete who has established their own symbolic meaning and value using their name, face or other brand elements in the market.

If the Jamaican sprinter, who swept the 100- and 200-meter races over three Olympics and won eight gold medals overall, succeeds, then this would be a stepping-stone for many athletes who are willing to unlock value and create business opportunities out of their brands.

As a matter of fact, a good branding strategy in your athlete marketing is essential. It can help you establish credibility with your audience, connect and communicate with your fans positively, attract potential sponsors, and more.

Kenyans should emulate.

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