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An autopsy of “Men’s conference 2023” and valentine day escapade:An attack to culture and identity.

Our culture, our way of life, is as broad as our society and expectations. To some extent, it is built on institutions like marriage, family and religion. Our culture is annually subjected to trends that have made it lose its position in unprecedented rate! Taking the case of love, it a feeling and experience that enjoys the endorsement of both religion and tradition to build marriages. The families that are built in this engagements are the foundations of our society and country. Even though the conflicts between men and women have been there, the current trends that they are taking should worry any sociologist just as it does to religious leaders. This war is cold, silent but catastrophic.

The cost-benefit theory makes some media personalities, celebrities and opinion leaders to be in the frontline in establishing a rift between Valentine Day celebrations and “men’s conference”. Being seasons associated with romance, glamour and love, the contrast in involvement between some men and women for reasons other than finance is worrying. Just as emotions and expectations fly high every 14th of February among lovebirds, the force countering its value are gaining ground in different forms at every given time. In Kenya, Men’s conference, which started as fantasy to recognise heroism of polygamists like the late Kibor, whose stand to defend masculinity was heard by and before media houses and the courts from time to time, called for emulation to defend the boy child against manipulation and oppression by a woman. This has seen what either critics refer as feminism and male chauvinism lock horns now and then. This, in itself cannot turn our heads like what has taken the social media into hostage for a while now.

Some men, have pushed anti-valentine agenda through hilarious posts, emoji, tags and clips. This points to the way men’s conference went downs as a time to celebrated victory and freedom from feminine chains, and an occasion where men are taught not to simp. Those who associated with or showed “weakness” were punished and banished from the conference. On the other hand, some women used Valentine Day to marvel at flowers and there meaning. A rose would mean a lot just as an out or a nature walk in cosy ends and joints across the country and numerous gifts. Some traded insults and conflict opinions behinds each endeavour. Some would argue that “Men’s conference” is an assembly of stingy men, unromantic and neglectful husbands.

The moral damage that the non-existent conference of men seems to build should be scrutinized to give direction just as there are calls for solutions to challenges that men face in marriages, relationship and the society to warrant a male only conference for refuge and solace. Unlike Valentine day, “men’s conference” discriminates against female. In growing societies like Kenya, where we enjoy relative abundance and security, the excitement around a non-existent conference can be seen as an anachronism that is correlated with social strata characterized by psychological insecurity and the desire to protect acquired status and material wealth.

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