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Against The Odds: 17-year-old Disabled Boy Perfectly Draws With His Mouth!

Disability has often been said, is never inability. This saying has been proven once again by a 17-year-old disabled artist in South Africa. The young man, Lucas Mapheto is surprisingly able to use his mouth to create amazing pieces of artworks.

The 17-year-old boy who has never been to school and therefore has no formal education realized at a young age his talent and interest in art.

With his passion for art, he has found a way to enjoy what he is passionate about as he uses his mouth to do his art. Lucas also said that, doing art keeps him from being idle and also helps him not to think of his unfortunate situation.

“Art is the only thing that helps me keep my mind clear so I don’t overthink about my situation,” he says.

When Lucas story went viral, netizens could not keep calm as many expressed their amazement.

“Not disabled but living with a disability. Because he’s able to use his mouth to draw or do anything.” One commented.

Another said, "This man's English is better than my own. God bless you! A lot of people who have both hands can't do what you do. May God continue to bless you and your work brother man.”

“Truly a gift from God I respect him for using the gift that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ gave him.” They went on and on; “Wow that's great what a talent. May he continue doing this great work, believing in himself and having Faith. This will be pleasing God, and God will increase and elevate him through what he’s doing”

We are often our own biggest obstacle holding us back from achieving greatness. Stories like Lucas’ remind us that we are capable of anything if we just believe in ourselves

Many physically challenged persons will provide more excuses to justify their condition but not the young Lucas, who is being productive in his case.

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