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A List of Chuck Norris Movies That You Should Watch.

Just like a whine, classic movies by great actors never go out of fashion. You can watch, watch again and then re-watch 44 times some Hollywood old movies done by veteran actors like Chuck Norris.

The reason is very simple. They relate to different generations and are ageless.

America has produced globally celebrated movie stars among them being Chuck Norris an American Veteran actor who turned 82 in March.

At the age of 10, Chuck Norris and his mother moved to California where he attended North Torrance High School later in his life.

After serving U.S Air Force he later switched to the entertainment industry where he became a popular action-film star in the 1980s.

Here are Some of the popular movies by Chuck Norris that we thought you can refer as you celebrate this American hero;

1. Forest warrior

2. Braddock

3. Lonewolf mcuade

4. Hero and terror

5. Way of the dragon (Bruce lee)

6. Octagon

7. President's man

8. Hellbound

9. Missing in action

10. Invasion of the USA

11. Silent rage

Chuck Norris retired from the movie Industry but presently he deals with writing and publishing C-Force articles mainly highlighting "Weekly Culture Wars." Together with his wife, they are also running Kickstart foundation as well as a family business-C Force Water.

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