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1st Black Woman To Win Prestigious Supranational Pageant In The World

SUPRANATIONAL: Having power or influence that transcends national boundaries or governments.

Indeed, Miss Supranational has transcended borders and boundaries, placing itself on the scale of renowned supranational such as the European Union.

This is an annual international female beauty pageant, started in 2009, with most contests held in Poland, and a parallel male contest, Mister Supranational, began in 2016, also in Poland.

So why is it receiving so much recognition across the world?

The event comes live on television, and features incredible women from across the world, with a focus on true natural beauty and grace. The competition has been named among the top 3 most influential, important, and prestigious international pageants in the world.

And South Africa’s, Lalela Mswane, has become the first black woman ever to win this prestigious award and 2nd African woman to win Miss Supranational after Chanique Rabe. This also marks a back-to-back win for Africa.

The 25-year-old South African model was also previously crowned Miss South Africa 2021. Prior to becoming Miss South Africa, Mswane worked as a professional model signed to the South African modeling agency Alushi Models.

lalela_mswane Instagram Photos

Controversially, Mswane received widespread criticism within South Africa for agreeing to compete in Miss Universe 2021, which was set to be held in Israel, due to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. On 14 November 2021, the government of South Africa withdrew its support for Mswane to compete. Against all odds, on 12 December 2021, Mswane competed at Miss Universe 2021 and placed as the second runner-up.

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Miss Supranational 2022 was the 13th edition of the Miss Supranational pageant, held on July 15, 2022 at Strzelecki Park Amphitheater in Nowy Sącz, Poland.

The new Miss Supranational crown was designed by Ricardo Patraca and was introduced during Miss Supranational 2022 preliminary competition.

Other finalists were:

· Praewwanich Ruangthong - 1st Runners Up, from Thailand.

· Nguyễn Huỳnh Kim Duyên - 2nd Runners Up, from Vietnam.

· Adinda Cresheilla - 3rd Runners Up, from Indonesia.

While Kenya’s Roleen Mose was among the top 12 finalists.

_roleen.mose Instagram Photos

Lalela Mswane, is also a Bachelor of Laws Degree holder, from the prestigious University of Pretoria.

True elements of beauty and brains.

The world celebrates authentic African Beauty.

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