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Imarisha East Africa Productions Limited

We nurture young talents for a brighter tomorrow!

We are a talent Academy Founded in 2016. We promote the Swahili and Creative Arts through Education and Entertainment. We add tangible value to organizations and learning institutions through performing arts such as poetry, plays, spoken word, dance etc.

Over the years, we have established ourselves as digital trailblazers adding tangible value to domestic and international organizations through our digital platforms i.e. Imarisha Digital.

Previously we have worked with government institutions, media and publishers such as Kenya National Library Service, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, Citizen TV, KU TV, Blaze by Safaricom, Oxford Publishers, Longhorn Publishers PLC among others.

Imarisha is the founder of Tamasha La Kiswahili – a Swahili forum of its own kind – that promotes Swahili language and culture through edutainment. Tamasha La Kiswahili brings together Swahili lovers from schools, colleges and universities, and the public.

We also deal with the conceptualization of TV programs, English to Swahili translation services, book launches and adaptations, animation development, Swahili tutoring and High-Quality audiobook Productions and Voice Over Services.

Imarisha end goal is to build a new eco-system and generation of creative professionals from Africa who can network, share ideas, collaborate, learn, gain market accessibility and push boundaries in order to contrive a sustainable creative economy that feeds into the GDP of Africa rather than one that saps from it.

Message from our Managing Director

"Our purpose is to create a unique,authentic and africanised content that can be bench-marked with the best of the best globally without being limited to the confines of our local set-up.

We tell our African story through performance art, Africanised animations, and digital publishing.

Ultimately, we intend to build a platform where African youth in the creative art and tech industry can convert their passion into a profession by creating lucrative and sustainable jobs that can earn them a living."

Almasi M. Ndangili

Award Winning Edu-Prenuer-Africa Category



Imarisha East Africa Productions Limited

A Home of Talents
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